Council Meeting & General Assembly - Portoroz, Slovenia, September 2019

General Assembly

Date and time: Monday 16 September 2019, 2.00pm - 5.00pm, 
Location: PHAROS room, Grand Hotel Bernardin in Portoroz, Slovenia 
Invited Persons: All Members of Academia NDT International + Guests

1. Welcome, Giuseppe Nardoni, President
2. Adoption of Agenda, Changes, Serge Dos Santos, General Secretary
3. Approval of Minutes of Last Meetings, Serge Dos Santos, General Secretary
4. Approval of New Academia Members, Giuseppe Nardoni, President
5. Report of the activities of the Academia during 2019, Giuseppe Nardoni, President
6. Report from Council Meeting, by either President or General Secretary
7. Presentation and Reports from Members
     - Scientific presentation of new Academia Members attending the General Assembly
8. Summary of plans for Future Conferences 2019-2023. 
    - Update on the 10th Workshop NDT in Progress, organised by the Czech Society for NDT on 7 to 9 October 2019, Zdenek     Prevorovsky, Council Member
    - Invitation to Academia Members to join the 2nd World Congress for Condition Monitoring 2019 & Singapore World Conference &     Exhibition 2019, Singapore, 2nd-5th Dec. 2019
    - Academia Research Day at WCNDT Seoul, Uwe Ewert
    - University forum in Seoul of the university and activity in NDT
9. Lectio MateriaGiuseppe Nardoni, President
10. Plans and proposals for future activities of Academia, Serge Dos Santos, General Secretary
11. Audited accounts of the Academia and a motion for the approval and adoption thereof, Academia Treasurer
12. Strategic Activities; future aspect for ACADEMIA, Giuseppe Nardoni, President
      - Academia NDT International Road map for the 2019-2023 period
13. Any Other Business, Serge Dos Santos, General Secretary
14. Date and place of the next Academia General Assembly, Serge Dos Santos, General Secretary
15. Concluding remarks, Giuseppe Nardoni, President
16. Adjourn