Scientific Meeting - Eger, Hungary, 2011

On May 14, 2011 a Scientific Meeting of the Academia NDT International was held in Eger (Hungary) in conjunction with the VII Hungarian NDT Conference and exhibition arranged by the Hungarian NDT Society (Marovisz). The Meeting had the theme: “Science, Technology and Diagnostics in NDT”. More than 40 participants from different countries participated in the meeting including 8 Academia members. The Academia was invited by Hungarian NDT Society to arrange this workshop. The following presentations were made:

1.    Acad. N. Kroo “Non-destructiveness and nanotechnology” (Hungarian Academy of Science, Research Institute for Solid Physics, Budapest, Hungary)
2.    Dr. G. Dobmann “Micromagnetic characterization of aged steel microstructures in NDT for nuclear power applications – thermal ageing, fatique and neutron embrittlement” (Fraunhofer Institute for NDT (IZFP), Saarbrücken, Germany). Available to download - click here
3.    Dr. S. Dos Santos “The non-linear mixing waves: the up-and-coming methods for transmission, evaluation and metrology” (École Nationale d'Ingénieurs du Val de Loire, Blois, France)
4.    Prof. J. Lendvai “X-ray methods for investigation of microstructure and damage inhomogeneity” (Institute of physics at the Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary)
5.    Dr. M. Carboni “Corrosion fatique research on railway axles” (Politechnico di Milano, Milano, Italy).

The workshop participants were welcomed by Dr. G. Nardoni - Academia President, Prof. P. Trampus – President of Hungarian NDT Society which hosting this event – and Prof. V. Krstelj – EFNDT president.
The workshop was chaired by Prof. V. Krstelj and Dr. G. Dobmann.

All speakers’ presentations were met with keen interest and key problems were enthusiastically discussed. All speakers were discussing different problems but in fact the approaches and methods used in nanotechnology and more traditional areas are overlapping. The speakers demonstrated modern approaches for known problems and for the solving of recently arising tasks. Academician N. Kroo presented very interesting results obtained in the field of nanotechnologies applicable for NDT problems. Dr. Dobman, as always, demonstrated very interesting results and discussed the methodology of the micromagnetic NDT procedures developed for NDE in the nuclear power industry. Prof. Lendvai discussed the use of X-ray methods and X-ray tomography in combination with numerical evaluation and simulation, the results of which can be used for life-time prediction. Dr. Carboni described techniques that are very important for improvement of reliability at railways. In Dr. Dos Santos’ presentation he demonstrated biomedical applications of the advanced signal processing methods.

Dr. Dobmann summarized at the end of workshop: “Today we discussed a very wide range of NDT topics and saw that similar approaches can be used for quite different practical tasks.” He congratulated the speakers on the quality of their presentations.

Dr. G. Nardoni, Academia President, thanked everyone who participated in this meeting and promised to continue the fine tradition of arranging workshops in conjunction with other national and international NDT events.