About Academia NDT International

The main purposes and objectives of the Academia NDT International activities are as follows:

  • To promote science, research and development, encouraging the application of the findings in the field of NDT at universities, R&D centres and institutions and other relevant bodies throughout the world.
  • To establish and maintain a network among scientists and technologists involved in the basic sciences, research and development for NDT methods, techniques, equipment and implementation advancement.
  • To highlight the work of the research and development in NDT.
  • To be mindful of the contributions from scientists and distinguished professionals in the NDT field, inviting them to Academia NDT.
  • To attract the attention of international authorities, government and public organisations to the importance of the benefits that NDT provides.
The Academia is not in competition with NDT associations and institutions such as ICNDT or other regional NDT groups, nor with the national societies, but sees itself as an association complementary to all of these.

The Academia NDT International is an association with its seat in Brescia, Italy.

President: Dr P├ęter Trampus
Email: info@academia-ndt.org