The overall objective of the Academia is to foster research, development and education in the NDT field by engaging NDT professionals in a combined effort, thus attaining the goal of always seeking progress.

Activities of the Academia shall be pursued by various means, in particular: organising committees, commissions, working groups, participating in NDT congresses, conferences and publishing material.

At least once a year the members of Academia assemble for discussion of the latest developments. In case-by-case meetings, actual problems or events may be analysed.

These meetings will be held with open doors, since the decision-taking procedure is transparent.

Academia NDT relies on successful work of its members and appreciated contributions by sponsors and donors.

In the time since its birth, the Academia NDT has achieved a great deal – most notably its membership has grown considerably following the first memorable Special Lecture Meetings that have been held in Shanghai coinciding with the 17th World Conference on NDT.

The second Special Lecture Meeting was held in Brescia, Italy, the official seat of the organisation, and the third in Moscow, alongside the 10th European Conference on NDT. The Academia's contribution to NDT Conferences throughout the world continued with the presentation of so-called Lectio Magistralis plenaries that attracted large audiences.